Warm, Hardwearing & Practical

Choosing the right quality carpet can transform your living space. It’s warm, hardwearing and practical, and with a huge choice available in store, we have a style that’ll suit virtually any domestic and commercial situation and budget.

Carpet Types


Twist – This popular pile has twist yarn to give it a rougher surface which is hard-wearing and less prone to shown marks and scuffs.

Velvet Carpet

Velvet – A close cut, short pile which feels smooth. Mainly used in tufted and Wilton constructions.

Saxony Carpet

Saxony – A dense construction with a soft feel.


Wilton – For that something special in carpets, look no further than a Wilton carpet. Wiltons can take up to 200 hours to manufacture.

Loop Carpet

Loop – Durable construction, available in natural or berber flecked colours.

Shagpile Carpet

Shagpile – Luxury deep pile with a soft feel.

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